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Career seekers:  are you searching for a career, or wishing to grow professionally where you are, or wanting to change career paths altogether?  Do you feel that an international career beckons you? Are you yearning to achieve better work-life balance with the job that you love? How can you best set yourself up for success in today’s complex and ever changing world?

Employers: does your company or organization need help with setting up, revamping and/or managing your HR basics?  What systems and processes are best to get you the right people on board as well as help you manage an efficient and motivated workforce?

The solutions for overcoming  these challenges are within your reach – Your Solutions World will partner with you to achieve the results you’re aiming for!


4 thoughts on “WELCOME!

  1. I have served in the past Norwegian refugee council, UNHCR, IOM,UNHCHR at national level and would like to grow professionally at international level with senior positions. Ca I get coaching from you


  2. My name Tetuh Asumpta ,I am a bachelier in English modern letters with little experience in teaching without being trained just assisting conferences and pedagogy meetings.how can I make a career with an international organisation?thank you


    • Thanks for your comment. If you’d like to discuss about career coaching for jobs in international organizations, please use my contact page to give me your details to arrange for a complimentary session where I can explain about my services


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